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The Length of your wade/float

Jim J

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This is a very cool site. It's called www.mapmyrun.com


Using GPS and Google Maps find out EXACTLY how far you waded or floated.


You can use actual satelite images and plot where you waded from point to point.


I run a lot and put in my exact path to see how far I go.


No more guessing that this was a mile and a half wade, It more more like a half a mile. It just felt like a mile and a half.

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Looks very cool.

So, you send off an email for a Blowout prize yet? = )

You could stand in the river and model it for a magazine ad Jim.

(On second thought- maybe not)


Does it measure like micro-units?

Say, from my front door to the mailbox?

Can't remember the last time I waded.

But hey, I did just get a new mountain bike! LOL

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