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Pug x Smallmouth Bass Hybrid

Steve S.

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Its amazing how these guys can make do after an injury like this, or possible multiple injuries.


I have been fishing barbless flies since I started fly fishing this season. I've experienced cleaner hook-ups, quicker releases with no damage (to date). All hooks have popped out fairly effortlessly. Obviously a hook point can do damage regardless of whether or not it is barbed, but I feel I've experienced a significant reduction of risk for damage while fishing with single, barbless hooks. I will also add that my hooking ratio has been much better, with not too many bass being lost.

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I switched to barbless hooks early in my fly fishing career and eventually on my spinning tackle also.


I dont see any advantage of using barbed hooks.

The single biggest disadvantage is you hook a freind and you have to drive them to the hospital to get it removed. That makes for one long ride. Oh did I mention she was a nurse. :blink:

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