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A Great Buy at Gander Mountain

Jonn Graham

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Just had to get out of the house after my surgery. Though I cannot drive, I talked the wife into taking my to Gander Mountain in Peoria. While perusing the store, I noticed some fly rods on clearance. After talking with the sales guy, he told me that even the St. Croix Reign fly rods were 50% off the sale price. My mouth began to water.



I was able to get a St. Croix Reign 5 weight rod for $50. Heck it even came with a hard case. Definitely made my day. The retail price is $130.

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Yea, Yea, Yea you got a new Rod! Now explain to us how you managed to get your wife to drive you to Gander Mountain. You sold your sole right or promised her a new couch, chair, bedroom suite. Come on Jonn spill the beans we need to know this for future reference.

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MY Gander Mountain in Peoria had no fly reels as nice as the ones you are speaking of.


I'll stop by the one here this week and if they're still available I'll let you know. If you want one the local store can ship one to yours.Go to Gloomis .com to see the reel known as the Venture.It's a good buy even at $100.

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