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Latest Apple River CAFO Information

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Take the time to read all 3 Attachments.

This is what happens behind the scenes where your natural resources are concerned, and you have a right to know.

Astonishing facts and processes here.


ATTACHED are PDF files of the latest FOIA response from Illnois Ag Dept which includes the transcript of the Digester Hearing in Apple River watershed.


Note that on page 56 of the Digester Hearing Transcript, where Noni Hicks asks the panel of Bos testifiers: "Will construction and operation of the digester require permits?" Her question is answered by James L. Evans of Maurer Stutz Engineering with these words: "Just the Department of Ag permit as far as I know and a -- an EPA stormwater pollution plan or an NPDS (sic) permit which we've already received." We received the response to our FOIA from IEPA from all 5 divisions to which we were to apply, including the WATER DIVISION just last week and IEPA denies having any documents relating to Bos or Traditions or Nora Dairy.

Major discrepancies are apparent and will be attended to ASAP.




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