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K3 Basin Commission

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I was voted back on last Wednesday to the at large seat.


Some discussion about the Farmers for a Flood Free K3 thing. The NIAA brought the successful lawsuit that stopped the dredging and unregulated snag pulling back in the 70's and got the K3 officially declared a federal recognized navigable stream has a permanent seat on the commission. They may write a letter reminding the folks over there about that lawsuit and reminding them of the results. The KRBC would then write a letter of support. I plan on voting in favor of those actions if a vote becomes necessary which I doubt. I would suggest that the ISA write one as well.


There was a report of a fish kill on one of the tribs from another group in the KRBC. It has been reported to proper authority and further suggestions for sending the documentation to other regulatory groups were given.


I talked to Don Anderson about the NIAA Bronzeback Blowout event coming up in October. When I have all the details I will forward for inclusion in upcoming events.


For the K3 cleanup we should be able to get garbage bags and patches if we contact NIAA and hold event on the day they scheduled Saturday Sept 20.


Used oil and trans fluid collection set for August 30 at the USDA Soil and Water Conservation district office 9AM to noon 685 Larry Power Road in Bourbonnais


Pond Management seminar on August 28 at 530 PM. It will be at Harold Tobenski farm near Herscher , 8303 West Illinois Rte 115. The progarm is offered by K3 County Soil and Water Conservation District and will feature IDNR biologist Rob Miller discussing stocking rates, diversity and weed control.


For more information on these two programs call 815-937-8940 ext 3.

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Thanks Norm! With your recent weight loss I believe it should be called 'at medium' seat. ;)

If you go by my current mental capacity extra small would be generous.

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