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Circle hooks on jigs and other lures


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So I never used circle hooks that much but this weekend I lost a few really nice fish and missed a lot of small ones so I'm trying something new. Bending the hook shanks so that the hook points are turned in towards the hook shank as opposed to being parallel to it. This resembles a circle hook. So far I tried it on tubes using a bent Charlie Brewer classic slider head and on some buzz baits. Works pretty good. You don't have to set the hook with this set up you just tighten up the line and let the rod load up and the hook sets itself. I use barbless hooks and I think it's tougher for fish to throw a barbless circle hook. These bent in hooks also snag less than regular hooks. I'm going to try this on some crankbaits. The old bandit crankbait hooks were kale / circle like and they held fish good even with no barbs. I was reading that the circle design is 1000s of years old so nothing new here except a different application. If anyone tries it out let me know how you do.

Not setting anymore just throwing some slack and reeling em in.


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Agnabit , Phil,


Now I have to start bending some hooks. If it works well, I will prolly get Nick from the Trading Post to pour some jigs with circle hooks this fall. Too hot to be sitting over a melting pot right now, I'd think.


I'll let you know how it goes.

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Just had another thought, I'll just put a split shot right above a circle hook and rig a plastic grub.



Nose hook tubes tubes and flukes with circle hooks

wacky rig with a circle hook as well.


Done both of those before sucessfully.

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