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Upper WI River (Short Trip 07/27-07/29)

Steve S.

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Just wanted to submit a post from a recent trip up to northern WI.


Day 1: Sunny, temps mid to upper 80's by afternoon. Water levels LOW. My daughter stayed up late the night before, so we did not arrive at our destination until mid-morning. Waded out to my favorite topwater area in hopes that a few stragglers were still around. Second cast nailed this beauty in about a foot of water, after 3 mad rushes:




I thought the soft dorsal was a little longer than typical. It really flapped in the water:




This bass, and my next five (12" to 16"), were taken on a Rapala Skitterprop. My daughter was throwing a Skitterpop, and caught three herself between 12"-14". She also nailed a really nice bass (+18"?), but after a few strong runs and some poor first base coaching :( , she lost it. It really looked like it would be a fantastic morning, but as the sun crept up higher, the topwater bite abruptly stopped. I switched my daughter over to what became her new favorite lure, the YUM Crawbug, green pumpkinseed. She proceeded to outfish me for the morning, 8 to 6:




It was a short but exciting morning.


Day 2: Sunny, HOT. We arrived about a half an hour earlier than the previous day, only to find 8 others scattered throughout our target area. It was disappointing to say the least. I've been fishing this area for quite a few years (14+?), and this was the first time I had seen so many anglers in the same area at one time. Is it possible our good fortune the day before was witnessed??? It was too bad they were standing in the "prime" areas instead of fishing them. I saw a few cigar walleyes being caught, but that's all.


We booted up and headed downstream to a few pools. My daughter's second cast rewarded her with this gem, courtesy of the YUM crawbug:




Fishing was tough and very HOT (temperature wise). We both knew it would be a short morning, and it was. Totals, Stephanie 2, Dad 1 small pike.

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Hit that topwater bite early. It can be hit or miss sometimes, but when its on you can't beat it.


Also saw a very nice pike (yes pike, not musky) downstream by the downed tree. In a foot of water, two feet from shore, probably 38"-40"? Very nice.


P.S. don't forget the YUM crawbugs!

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