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7/7,8,10 report


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Although catching only 2 on 7/7 1 of which was small ,I left the river happy because the other one was just .5" shy of 20.Got him on a big black blockhead bassbug. As big as the fly was the fish had it all the way down its gullet.Happily I was able to remove it using forceps without hurting the bass.It would've hurt me almost as much as the fish to have returned it to the river bleeding.Tried for a timer picture but it kept washing out and so I settled for a hand shot.This was the biggest smb since the 19.75" I got last fall on the Fox.

The next day I tried a new stretch.Although I'd driven oassed it literally countless times over the years I never fished it since it didn't look very good. Big mistake!Once I started fishing I could see it was a good stretch after all and I quickly got a small bass. A little later a huge bass hit the black blockhead alongside a downed tree Had him on only long enuf to know he(she) would've given the previous day's bass a run for his(her) money before he popped the freshly tied knot on the 12# test tippet.Bummer! Later I hit another bass estimated at about 17" as a kayaker came by.As i turned around to see if he' d seen the strike I must've allowed a little slack in the line and as I turned back to the fish he jumped and threw the fly.My fault for not paying attention to business.I only got a cupl more decent sized fish both largemouths.While it was depressing to lose 2 fine bass particularly the first one it was really a good day since I'd found yet another good stretch of river.

On 7/10 before hitting the 2 areas I'd fished earlier in the week I decided to make afew casts to a small spot that sometimes holds bass and was rewarded with a 15" and a 16.5".Photo'd the 16 while holding him underwater.I didn't get any the rest of the day using bassbugs. Just before I quit I tried a zonker streamer and immediately started picking up a few small smb + lmb.Should've switched to a streamer sooner.

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Guest Don R
a big black blockhead bassbug


Easy for you to say. :blink:


Nice report Ron. Congrats on both the big fish and finding a new spot! Send GPS coordinates via private message please. ha ;)

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I have to get some blockhead poppers. I've read that they don't roll like the conventional poppers in the current.


Nice bass!


Igot mine at the fly show. Think itwas from Angler's International in Palatine.One More Cast has the makings if you want to tie 'em up yourself. The ones I have are very nicely tied with an abundance of tailfeathers,a weedguard which helps avoid snags when pounding heavy bank cover, and large eyes glued on.If after repeated use,the body starts rotating on the hook apply a drop of epoxy behind the hookeye.

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