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Summer Patterns

Mike Clifford

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It's late July, and it sure seems like the summer patterns have taken hold in our local rivers and streams.

What are you finding to be most successful right now? B)

I need to get through the next week or so of work to find out for myself.

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Summer patterns are off here. Seem to be lagging. I think its the volume and frequency of rainfall and stream levels.



The most effective direction has been favoring shad patterns.

Its been firetiger or flashy diving pattle cranks in the stain.

Nature shad diving cranks in modest stable and clear waters.


Texas rigged shirted grubs in white, pearl or gold shad in tthose near clearing times. Sahd colored Venom Stone Cats, Boogie Bugs or 5" Kanami kirted grubs o 1/4 oz. weedless Super-doo jig heads in shad, madtom or chub colors are sometime effective.


Spinnerbaits with Grub trailer are working in the broken waters as water levels are falling.


Senkos or dropshot small plasics have also worked on the small streams and tribs.


Spooks, torpedoes and Dailey Rockers occasional work larger pools.


Conditions for my long rod as been a struggle with the varied conditions. Actually the surprise ahs been tah a Orvis Gator Bug popper has been hot below riffles and below the canopy. Some weighted streamers and a light (1/100 -1/64) with a trailer of leather or floating plastic has been an attracive experiment that has been promise at times.



Rick D.

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Two rods thanks to 3rd Grip.


Buzzbait on one, Popper on another.


The absolute two best baits for me in the hot summer weather.


Jonn and clients got 52 the other day on poppers and Flukes.


Though this scenario is based upon how fast you want to fish and how much water and what kind.


If I were fishing a really deep pool or spot maybe a plastic, but most midwest smallie streams in late July and August... you're looking at thin, clear water if you're lucky.

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