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Mega Dairy- Second Round

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Here is an interesting document acquired through the Freedom of Information Act.


There is a document with the number 136 on it that is especially intriguing.


Are my eyes playing tricks on me, or does it look like this guy intends to install a Dam??


Read the whole thing here:


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OK... after a quick skimming perusal.... it looks like it's the safety dam they plan on building around the crap containment building. You know, something to hold all the juice from polluting the river when the containment building starts to leak! <_< At least that's how it looks, but I haven't read the whole thing.

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The dam will be located 2 miles upstream of the South Fork of the Apple River, on a tributary to the river.

Alrighty then! I'll add it to the list of things I've been known to be wrong about in the past. I'll have to check it out tomorrow, I'm off to the dam removal meeting now. How ironic! :rolleyes:

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