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Mississippi River Coordinating Council

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The Lt. Governor's staff contacted me and would like for our stakeholders in the following watersheds to take their Online Survey.


Mississippi River corridor;

Rock River (including Green, Sugar-Pecatonica, Kishwaukee Rivers);

Kaskaskia River

Big Muddy River

Cache River



As the first chairman of the Mississippi River Coordinating Council (MRCC), Lt. Governor Pat Quinn is asking Illinois residents to help protect the great Mississippi River by contributing your comments and ideas to the Lt. Governor’s office.


Your comments will help provide direction to the newly formed Council, will be held confidential. Please provide an email address below so that we may notify you of meetings and other events regarding the Mississippi River.


To participate in the online survey CLICK HERE


Mississippi River Coordinating Council


“The Mississippi River is not only a tremendous economic and recreational asset, but it is crucial to our state and country's identity. The Mississippi River Coordinating Council will work with the river's stakeholders to develop solutions to protect the health and viability of this national treasure.”


- Lieutenant Governor Pat Quinn


A new initiative by Lieutenant Governor Pat Quinn has resulted in the creation of the Mississippi River Coordinating Council. Modeled after the successful Illinois River Coordinating Council (IRCC), the Mississippi River Coordinating Council (MRCC) will bring together citizens, river organizations, and state and federal agencies to coordinate and implement policies on the intertwined environmental and economic health of the Mississippi River and its tributaries within the State of Illinois.


Citizen input and involvement is highly encouraged and necessary for the success of the IRCC and the creation of the Mississippi River Coordinating Council. One of the consistently dynamic portions of each quarterly meeting of the IRCC is the public comment section.


Members of the public have brought items to the attention of the IRCC, which resulted in victories for the Illinois River, and agenda items have sparked the creation of new programs or activities to benefit the watershed.


This involvement and interaction between state and federal agencies and members of the public will be a hallmark of the new Mississippi River Coordinating Council. Meetings will begin after January 1, 2007.


In setting out to create the MRCC, Lieutenant Governor Pat Quinn asks for your ideas, comments, and concerns, and encourages you to participate in our on-line survey.

We look forward to your participation and involvement in the months ahead.


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