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Miss Piggy. Other game fish?


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After taking a one day break from fishing to recharge my batteries I hit the river again Monday fishing a spot I'd only fished once before this Spring.Upon arrival I decided to try a bassbug and immediately got a strike and also immediately lost it when the 2x tippet broke. There must've been an isolated weak spot in it as it didn't break at the knot.Although at the time I was disappointed not only to lose a nice smallie but to also lose the only bassbug I had with me,what happened a little later made me realize it was fortunate.After catching 6 or 7 more smallies only 1 of which was slightly over 15" with my fly of choice, a 3" black Zonker, I started wading back to the car to head to another spot when I made a cast to a submerged rock in midpool.A carp inhaled the fly and took off on a pretty long, deliberate run downstream.I was able to turn it and bring it back with the 6wt beaching it after about a 5 minute fight.It was a female heavilly swollen with roe measuring 25" weighing an estimated 10+lbs.Had I been fishing the bassbug I wouldn't have encountered Miss Piggy.

I had no luck at another spot. Wiliam C's recent fine results notwithstanding, it seems that that the prespawn feed that began in mid March is winding down.With water temps in the mid 60's the smallies' thoughts seem to be turning from food to amore.My thoughts are turning to slab sized bluegills with a 6.5' 2wt.flyrod.

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