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Dropper Beads


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Anyone who has ever fished with a two fly rig has experienced the frustration of seeing it come back in a tangled mess. Gamakatsu’s new Dropper Beads will help alleviate that problem.


The Dropper Bead is a clear plastic oval bead with a hole running length wise through the center that the leader goes through and a second hole underneath it running perpendicular to the other one to attach a dropper line to. The easiest way to rig it is to put it on the leader before tying the tippet. The tippet knot will keep it from sliding forward.


Once in place, the dropper line can be easily attached. Since the Dropper Bead can slide and spin on the line, the dropper fly is less likely to tangle with the fly on the tippet.


The Dropper Bead is also neutrally buoyant and won’t interfere with the cast or prevent the leader from turning over.

They’re useful for other purposes like attaching a strike indicator or attaching a weight.


The Dropper Beads are available in 3 sizes, Large, Medium and Small

to accommodate different line sizes and applications.





Other uses:

+Drop-Shotting, (use a dropper bead and a 3-4" leader vs attaching the hook to the main line using a palomar knot.

+live-bait rigging

+Drift/float fishing

+Verticle fishing for crappie and perch

+rig 2 jigs under a float

+Ice-Fishing angling---add a fly about a jig or lure


A "stop-knot" firmly affixed to the main line, will keep the dropper bead in place.


NOTE: The best thing about this design is that ""it does not tangle", like other connectors.


Available NOW at GAT's in Dundee.

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