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My first newsletter as an ISA member

Jim J

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It has been a long hard road but the accomplishments have been many and the people we have met on the way have been to numerous to count. I look back on my part of the ISA and see the great things that were done and the things that were not great but still brought people together and got them talking about the ISA and its Conservation, Education, and Socialization platform. The Bronzeback Bulletin has evolved into a sort of Bible of Smallmouth Fishing for Small Streams and Big Rivers. Where else can you pay $25.00 a Year and get such an enormous benefit from your investment in the future. You get to meet a bunch of guys and gals that share your passion and enthusiasm for the Smallmouth Bass. You get to learn different Smallmouth fishing tactics and techniques from some of the finest Smallmouth fisherman in the State of Illinois. You get to fish some of the greatest Smallmouth waters in the United States and it is your money that helped make it all possible. Granted I don't live in Illinois anymore but I still believe in the ISA and what they are doing so I keep sending in my share so that when I come back for a visit I have some Smallmouths to catch. The Bronzeback Bulletin is the icing on the cake, so to say, for your donation to the environment of the Smallmouth Bass and it tells you how to catch these beautiful fish. Thank You to the Illinois Smallmouth Alliance for teaching me about Illinois Smallmouths and how to catch them. Thank you also for the friends I have acquired as a member they are the best part of the ISA because they are the ISA.

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It's been several years since I've been on the website, but I remember those days.I still remember the days of writing out all of the newsletter addresses by hand (due to lack of a computer),trying to contact all of our members by phone for upcoming events,and using ISA meetings as a reason to get together and go fishing. Thanks to the several dozen talented and hardworking people who have helped the ISA become what it is today.I still can't believe it. I'm grateful to have had a small part in it.


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