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New swim jig head from Warrior Jigs

Jonn Graham

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Here is our new swim jig head. You will notice the head has a wire trailer keeper and is loaded with a 4/0 hook. In addition, this jig can easily accept a light fiber weed guard. We are still messing around a little with different styles/sizes of hooks. But we are fairly proud of our first attempt. Now that we are pouring our own swim jig heads, I can offer the complete jigs at a cheaper price. If you still want Brovarney heads, that is ok, but it will cost you more because I have to pay for the head.






And, of course, you can still get the minnow head swim jig as well in 3/16 and 1/4 oz models. No weedguard.





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The weedguards will be much the same as the ones you got. I am surprised you thought yours were not supple? I thought they are the softest I had ever seen. But, if you wish to make them softer, just clip out some of the fibers. I think those were 12 fibers per guard.........but I am not sure. If you ever need more jigs, I can very easily make a 12 fiber guard into whatever smaller number you want...........maybe say 7 or 8 fibers. This is done very easily if I can do it before I epoxy the guard into place.


I definitely value the opinion of my customers............be it positive or negative. It is nice to have anglers like yourself that ask questions and voice their opinions. I myself don't really like weedguards at all. Of course, in my flows weeds are non existent.

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Jonn ,


I definitely thought the weedgaurds on the ones I bought were supple . I was just wondering if the new process improved on an already great product .


No complaints whatsoever . If I see some change that could help deal with the weeds I'll send you a PM but from the looks of things they will work just fine .

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I don't think our heads are any type of upgrade from the Brovarney head I was using. I think ours will be just as good when it comes to catching river bronze. The reason we decided to make our own head, was strictly for cost reasons. Much cheaper to make our own rather than buy from Brovarney.


I appreciate any and all comments, improvements, etc.

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