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Red Head Streak

Mark K

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I saw this in the July August '07 issue of Fly Fish America, PG 58. The originator is Al and Gretchen Beatty. I'm not sure why, I'm attracted to this fly. Probablly the same reason I thought Lucille Ball was hot, at least when she was young. Ever see her in an episode of the Three Stooges, when she was probably in her 20's? Is that a wading stick in your pocket Ricky...or are you just happy to see me? ;)

Ohh ahhh where was I...The fly Oh yeah..Here goes>>>


I don't want to plagerize the guys work, just find a copy of the magazine. Basically it's red thread, white and brown bucktail, gold crystal flash and peacock herl. when you bind them on leave the butt ends long so you can taper the head later. Wrap the head with thread and paint it with red nail polish. I used a #4 3366. Then hit it with Sally Hansens.

He tied it much more sparse, which usually make for better fishing. I've got both going, this one is tied with more bucktail.

in the bathtub both look good. This one has some nice glide to it, even though it's too bushy. He has you staking the the bucktail, I dont think I will do tha anymore. I like the tapered Clouser look.


I'm not sure but I think I have seen saltawter flies tied this way. Maybe Tarpon flies.


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I like the Beatty's work. They produced a book of theirs and a bunch of others work a few years ago....can't remember the title. Very imaginative flies though. Ahhh yes....Ms. Ball. She did lots of movies while in her 20s, some very serious non-comedic roles. There is an Ethel Mermon movie where Lucy was a fashion model and she looked SO different and hard to recognize.


Back to flyes.........I think the tarpon fly you're thinking about is very similar but with hackles or marabou. The material starts about 1/2 way down the fly leaving the front 1/2 of the hook shank bare.

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