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How Brown Is Your River?

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Interesting article that examines the reasons for river colorations.

Read This


Rivers and lakes in northern Europe and North America that have turned brown are returning to a more natural, pre-industrialised state, a study says.


..........Although the discoloration is a sign that waters are becoming less acidic, Mr Monteith, said many people would view it as a deterioration in water quality.


"The problem is that people have been living with the impact of acid rain for so long that no-one alive today really has an idea of what the waters were like before acid rain took hold," he said.


What say you?

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The WI River does have a tannin stain to it, but it is also very "brown" looking in some stretches with suspended particles, while remaining somewhat clear. However, it is not uncommon to walk right into thigh high boulders in slower current areas without seeing them. This make the wading a little tricky and somewhat painful at times!


It's a shame; all my shin and knee bruises are just about healed......

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