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Pig Boat Flotilla

Michael T

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The Calcasieu Pig Boat was created way back in 1951 by legendary Louisiana fly fisherman Tim Nixon. I doubt it's fished much in our Midwestern rivers given its southern roots for largemouth bass. Some fly tying purists would argue that it's just a spinner bait with out the blades; frankly, you can call it anything you want, because it's fun to tye. Here's 4 I tyed and used different material. One has 2 plums of charteuse marabou wound like chenille for the body.





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Guest One More Cast

Although you did a good job of tying them, I'm too much of a purist to fish these "flies".


I'll stick to my Clousers and Madonnas with an occasional Hairy Fodder ;) .




O.K., call me a snob but I have fished an occasional Pistol Pete, so go easy.

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Ah so true....the "light and airy nature" of the Hairy Fodder is definitely a fly for purists. :P The Pig Boat is probably the only jig....er....fly to use more plastic legs than the HF.


The one I tyed using a wrap of 2 marabou feathers may not last very long. Perhaps a wire palmered on top is the way to go.

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No, I haven't fished them. I'd bet that they're deadly for lake fishing. I'll throw them the next time I'm fly fishing on the DuPage.


As we discussed Saturday morning John, I hope that all the legs give this fly some "mouth" feel and the fish are likely to hold it longer. Fly fishing upstream makes it REALLY hard to feel the bite.

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