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Sorry if the question is rhetorical but the answer is...I really don't care. ;)



I have fished these (and now I tie them) and they fish pretty d@mn good:




Anyone else tie/fish Todd's Wiggle Minnow?




I really, really like the simplicity of this "bug". And, it looks unsinkable. What it kind of reminds me of is a Bunyan Bug:




Evidently, it does fish well even today:




Hey! I think even I could manage to make one of these things.


I bet there are all kinds of interesting derivatives one could come up with.


- Kevin

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If i can cast it with a fly rod then its a fly to me!!

I have a problem with flies with metal hardware in them like spinner blades and diving lips. It's just that, hardware that the plug casters use. I'm trying to get over it. But for the most part I beleive that anything else IS a fly. Yes it's not traditional but the only reason our predecessors did not use all these synthetic materials is the fact that they did not exsist in their day. I once saw a picture of the fly pattern that Lee Wulff was working on just before his death. It was all synthetic materials an was an attractor bait pattern, not a traditional fly.

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This is kind of like the old question: "Is the glass half full or half emtpy?". (Except I can answer that one!)


From my viewpoint, anything that you create by tying at a vice, and use by casting with a fly rod/line is a fly. But do we NEED to only fly fish with flies? I have some very small spinners that are almost impossible to cast with a spinning rod that I've been meaning to try with my 8-wt. Also, there are some unweighted plastics that can be deadly, but would also be very hard to cast any distance with a spinning rod. Now on a fly rod...

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I think to answer the original topic question "Is this considered a Fly?" you would have to look back at what is considered a Fly. Is a nymph a "Fly"? Is a streamer a "Fly". It seems a matter of terminology. Convention seems to categorize the things that are cast on a fly rod along lines of what they represent. Nymphs seem to be aquatic insects in some sort of transitory development where they live under water. Streamers seem to be "swimmy" things. Dry flies are clearly insects that fly (or drop on the surface of the water). Wet flies...I don't know what they represent...maybe flying insects that have been submerged. To categorize this thing it seems we need to look at what it represents. Since it is named "Todd's Wiggle Minnow", I would categorize it as a swimmy thing - it's a streamer.


If you put wings on it, it would surely resemble a Bunyan Bug. Then, it would be a dry fly.


Are all nymphs, streamers, dry/wet flies called "Flies"? Yeah, it seems so. Any artificial thing thrown on a fly rod might be called a "Fly", I guess.


Personally, I would be more interested in what variations could be made from this "platform". It sure looks like an easy to "tie" fly for novices (like myself)...and, though it is not very aesthetic, it appears to kick a$$ on the water. Maybe we really don't have to try all that hard to fool fish. Cripes, if a Chernobyl hopper will fool trout, they are dumb.


my $.02


- Kevin

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