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KaRu Lures - local made bait

Guest Team KaRu

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Guest Team Illinois

This is my first post here on the ISA...so thank you for this site! :)

This last winter I had an idea for a new search bait and thought of an idea for this bait and after testing it over and over again I registered for a patent this summer.

It is called the VibraSpin and my company is named KaRu Lures.

This lure has had some success in tournaments too. My brother-in-law (Robert Sherry, St. Charles,IL) is a FLW Tour Pro and he caught a boat load of smallies in the Detroit River tourney this summer and took a TOP 25 on the Potomac River in Virginia using my lure.

I have caught some nice smallies on the Fox River using the other bait in my "Vibra" Series lures called the VibraShock. (I live in St. Charles, IL)

The Crigger Craw colored bait seems to work the best for me.

Here is a picture of the VibraSpin:

crigger%20craw.jpgKaRu Lures

It works quite well as a "search" bait. The blade attached to the vortex of the spinnerbait body gives off a tremendous amount of vibration. The tip of my pole actually vibrates from the blade action when I reel it in. It is a great bait to slow roll over the top of shallow rocks or weed lines.


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Wondering about your company name. What does it mean?

The name is rather tricky....


My partner Karl Franzen, Old World Craftsman, is the "Ka" in the KaRu



I'm the "Ru" in KaRu... :D


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Where's Jim Kast?

He's really gonna like this one........


Blue Shimmer Shad Swim Jig



Looks a lot like this one from Brovarney, not to take anything away from Rudy!



BTW, welcome aboard, Rudy. You guys need any prostaff tourney anglers.... hmmmmm???? ;)

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as i recall there was a mr franzen that did nice ice fishing jigs several years back. rich

That probably be the one!


Do to the number of lures in the Vibra Series and the jigs that are sold we outsource our lead pouring. **With a company RIGHT HERE IN THE USA (Illinois)*** And they do a great job of finishing the 1st step too!

Karl designs and assembles the skirts and he and his beautiful wife are the final line of assembly and also the quality control on product going out.

The swimmin' jigs sales are keeping right up with the Vibra Series. We are not in any of the local bait shops yet so the upkeep of sales on the internet is manageable up to this point.


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I received one of your baits from Rich M. at the meeting. Thanks for sending it. Question -- the snap on the chatter blade seems to be mounted upside down. Is that on purpose? If I hold the bait like I would a spinnerbait and then level the chatterblade out as if I were going to tie it on, the clasp part of the snap is underneath the blade and the larger part of the snap is on top of the blade. Just checking.


The first thing I noticed about the bait is the wire is very thick compared to the spinnerbaits I'm used to, the willowleaf blade is small, almost on the delicate side, the hook has a very wide gap, but extremely sharp and appears to be good quality hook. Will have to give it a try.


Tie on the underside. We selected one grade up on the thickness of the wire because the baits action gives off the vibration not the wire vibrating from the willowleaf blade and also the 1 step up in thickness makes it a stronger and longer lasting bait... thus allowing us to utilize our KaRu Lures slogan "Putting Professional Grade Performance in Every Anglers Grasp"

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