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Kaskaskia Pond Draining Teaser

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I will report further on the pond draining and fin clipping at the Kaskaskia spillway when I get back in town on Monday. Here are two pictures and two questions. How big is that smallie that Trent Thomas is holding? Both length and weight. This fish was recorded on equipment purchased by the ISA for the DNR, so I know the exact size. The second picture is of a fish I caught in the Embarras River on a Senko. What is this fish. I have no Idea.



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Is that a mooneye?


What a bass! Looks like the future is good for the Kaskaskia!


The anal and dorsal fins line up and the eye is yellow so it's a goldeye! What a catch!! I've never even seen one alive before, Dick. Congratulations.


I'm going to ponder Trent's fish a bit. It's a brute for sure.

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The smallmouth was 21" and 5 1/4 lbs. The fish was 5 lbs when it was put into the rearing pond last spring. Thirteen breeders were put in the pond and 12 were captured to be released into the Kaskaskia. So that's a Mooneye! It really smacked that Senko. I have never seen anything like it.

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