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Kankakee & Rock Creek mystery fish

Eric Wiebe

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Hello everyone!  First time using the forum but I know someone will have an answer to this question.  I’ve gone to the Kankakee and Rock Creek twice this year and I’ve noticed that the river is inundated with a unique fish I haven’t seen before in the ten years I’ve been fishing there.   It has the body of a one or two pound trout but the head of something that looks like a carp.  They school and act like carp.  Someone said they were possibly buffalo or sheepshead smallmouth.  Any thoughts??  Thanks!  Eric

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Both species of buffalo, smallmouth and bigmouth, have much wider bodies than a trout. Most species of sucker have a body that is somewhat similar in shape to a trout, and there are a number of species that are present in the Kankakee. Hard to tell without a picture. I have caught hog suckers, white suckers, redhorse suckers, even a few spotted suckers in Illinois rivers. Most tend to move in loose groups, feeding on the bottom and completely ignore artificial lures most of the time.

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