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Wader repair

Michael T

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I want to make sure I'm doing this correctly. I'm certain I know the area where the leak is, because I filled the waders up with the garden hose and found a stitched seam near the crotch leaking. Almost a week later, I sprayed rubbing alcohol on the outside area around the seam and immediately turned the waders inside out, but didn't find a dark spot ANYWHERE. I generously sprayed the entire seat section of my waders, even though I know water had leaked from a 2 inch section along the stitched seam. Since the waders were completed dry when I did the alcohol test, was that a problem? Do I need to get the waders wet and try again?


What gives?!

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Joseph from One More Cast gave a presentation and demo on wader care and repair at an ISA meet some long time ago. Really wish I took notes rather than rely on my memory.


If I'm not mistaken, to find the leak areas, he had the waders turned inside out and then sprayed the alcohol or alcohol / water mixture from a spray bottle onto the inside wader fabric. The areas that turned dark indicated the leak areas. I think he would then rub some aqua-seal onto that area. I thought it worked for all breathable type waders, but maybe it was just the gortex ones.


In any case, Joseph has your answers.

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Guest One More Cast

It only works with Gore-tex products and you need to apply alcohol on the inside of the waders.


More bad news: Fly shop owners love it when you fill the legs with water, This stretches the seams in a manner they were not designed for and tends to cause even more leaks.


Bring 'em in, I'll take a look at them.



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DOH! stupid wader leaks...


I'm not sure it's a Gore-Tex product; they're Orvis Pro Guide2 model. Thanks for the offer Joseph, I'll give you a call to confirm what's your best time today, tomorrow, etc. With the amount of rain we had yesterday, I doubt they'll see the river anytime soon.


Thanks for the reply Al....see you next week?


Hey Gary! Your reply reminds me of a quote I read the other day: I leave a lot out when I tell the truth.

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