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For you Fox River vets...


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I have started hittng the Fox a bit harder this season...exploring new water for me. Can anyone give an opinion on top water fly patterns to try out?? I have been dropping in near 171st and many of my successful patterns on the Duper don't seem to produce squat. Today I'm going to strictly throw minnow patterns as I'm at a bit of a loss on top water...


Thanks all...


BTW.... Duper (shorewood area) producing LARGE smallies last 2 weeks..Buddy Nicky with a nice 16+ incher here..)



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james, is that a diver that the fish was caught on ?


Yes, sir...#6 gold head diver contraption of some kind I believe he was throwing...that pic shows how beat up that diver got...( I had to zoom way in to see what it was myself before replying.. :P )


The pic below..same day...slightly smaller fish (14.5 inch)..and on wooly bugger/olive/gold head...they were liking the browns and olives in the REAL clear water...


We were fishing late afternoon/early evening and it seemed they turned on for about 45 min from 5:30-6:15pm or so...


Doing well on dragon fly patterns this last week...


Round 2 on the Fox tonight...I was SKUNKED on Sunday...yes, I'll admit it. I saw activity all around me on top...I threw everything and the sink. It just wasn't my day:( (Water was MURKY)



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can't help you with flies...but something big black or brown bouncing on the bottom has caught fish for me in the fox...also BIG minnow imitators...4-6 inches will catch smallies later in the year. I saw a bait one of the fly guys around here was throwning that was the size of 5in super fluke...looked like what i would try if I was gunna use the long pole.

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Something to keep in mind is that each individual river will likely have a different forage base.

What is the predominant species (family?) of crayfish for one place is not the case in another stream- even when they are connected, for example.


I sometimes venture up into the Des Plaines from the Kankakee and change tactics altogether. Same for the IL river, which is connected to both of these as well.


Just a thought.


I've got a library of books next to me detailing the forage bases for all of our local streams if you'd like to know the differences- just say the word. = )

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