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Bass Pro Qualifier 2 Baitcaster

Mark K

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I picked up one of these at Christmas with kinda meh expectations.

Only had it for half a year.

I only own one other higher end baitcaster, a Revo something or other- silver about $200 something dollars about 10 years ago.

I have it on a really nice St Croix Legend Tournament 6'8" "topwater special" with 30lb Suffix braid.   It casts really, really nice.  Silky smooth.  I have the main drag almost all open and the magnetic brake doing all the work.  It's ...like shocking how nice it casts.  My Abu Garcia is so used it's not a fair comparison, but right now it does not cast nearly as well....but still totally useable.

The original PQ has a good reputation.   I was told by a source who bought I have no reason to disbelieve, said he took apart the two side by side and said the only difference was one part which was plastic. 

Those guys take them apart right away, install boca bearings, carbon drags and fancy grease. They told me they cast like a really expensive reel when you do that.

That said, the first one I bought  I was in hurry and did not inspect.  One of the bolts was missing, which BPS or maybe Cabelas  happily exchanged.   "QC" and "QA" are the trade off.  I would fondle the reel in person to make sure it's okay.

It's on sale again for 60 bucks.


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