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RiverWatch Program Gets Needed Boost

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This comes from a Bob Maciulis column in the paper:

....Lt. Gov. Pat Quinn, as chairman of the Illinois River Coordinating Council, presented a $10,000 grant to the National Great Rivers Research and Education Center to continue the growth of the RiverWatch program in Illinois.


Quinn's environmental advisor, Marc Miller, was formerly head of the Prairie Rivers Network, a Champaign-based umbrella organization concerned with the health of Illinois rivers.


"The RiverWatch program utilizes citizen volunteers who observe Illinois waterways and collect samples from rivers and streams," Miller explained.

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Mike, for the record I was not the head of Prairie Rivers Network, only a watershed organizer. If people are interesting in monitoring at some point in the future, please check out the link to the cleanwater website and go to "get involved." You'll get a link and contact for Vera Bojic, RiverWatch coordinator.



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Indeed Marc. That one got by me in the article.

It doesn't diminish all the work you do, regardless.


I do know the ISA has a history of participation in this program, and hope that continues to be the case.


Here ya go, gang:


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