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Fox River - boat traffic


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Hey everyone, newer member here. I just picked up a new kayak and am getting anxious to get out in the Fox, but also realize that boating season is coming up as well. Just looking for any feedback on what the boat traffic is like during the summer between Elgin and St. Charles.

Do boats tend to shy away from areas around Five Islands/Blackhawk? Just trying to map out a game plan and figure out areas that will have less traffic. Any advice is much appreciated.


My other option is the west branch of the Dupage, but this river is less familiar to me.



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Its too shallow for most motors up by five islands. Further down in the St. Charles pool there will be some but behavior is good from my experience. Boaters share the space & water. I can't say the same once you get up on the Chain or below by Fox river grove, too many boats & way too much wake to deal with. The rest of the middle & lower Fox is mostly paddle only & the fishing is good. Check out the Batavia to North Aurora pool you won't believe you are in the metro area. We are planting water willow there on 7/9 come help & you will have a morning to talk Fox fishing plus you'll see some prime river. Unless the temps are brutal fishing after lunch is the norm.



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The DuPage West Branch is mostly kayable after a good rain. Some portions of the river are so narrow that you get some nice rapids after raining! Just plan your way back carefully because it gets tought to paddle it back upstream (I usually do the bike trick). I launch at Lyons Park in Winfield and could go all the way down to Naperville. There are spots that you just have to drag the kayak because they're too shallow, but again it depends on the amount of rain. Smallies get scarce north of Buttefield Rd but still can be found. Carps are abundant and you'll hit some large ones with your paddle or kayak.

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