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Ed Buric

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Dan Grigas, fisheries biologist for the Forest Preserve District of DuPage County recently forwarded a request from the Jake Wolf Fish Hatchery to the I S A. It seems that the hatchery was in dire need of a new portable dissolved oxygen meter. They use these meters daily and they are vital to the operation of the hatchery. They said that their present equipment was old and often in need of repair. Due to the budget constraints they could not purchase new equipment and were forced to use valuable resources to keep their present ones operable.

The I S A agreed to purchase a new dissolved oxygen meter for the Jake Wolf Hatchery for $1200. The hatchery received the new dissolved oxygen meter last week and the I S A has submitted payment to the supplier,


From the hatchery:


At Jake Wolf Fish Hatchery, DO meters are used more than any other piece of equipment. Our ponds are checked three times a day, start tanks and raceways at least every other day, and we also send DO meters on the road with fish hauling trucks to ensure and prevent the catastrophic loss of fish.

Your help with the purchase of a new meter will be greatly appreciated!



Steve Krueger

Jake Wolf Fish Hatchery

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