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Kayak found on Dupage River 3-22-16


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Saw a kayak across the river that appeared to be anchored. Actually it was caught in a crossfire with the

strong wind blowing one way and the current going the other way. Since I wasn't wearing waders I crossed

over the bridge and pulled it to shore by throwing a rattle trap across it's bow and hooking something.

It is in good condition but appears it was kept outdoors, scupper plugs missing and filled in with new tree buds.

I'm guessing it's a homeowners that was kept near the water and somehow went adrift. No water usage sticker

or any other items in or on the kayak.

I have no use for it so I pulled it well away from the water. If you here of anyone that may have lost it

send me a message. If I don't hear anything in the next few days it's up for grabs just P.M. me.

It probably won't stay there very long, it's a busy area.

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