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Thank You, ISA Volunteers!!

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Despite the challenge of searing temperatures today, 9 ISA volunteers stepped up to the plate and pulled it off once again.
Pictures don't do justice to the efforts of these individuals.
Fly-casting instruction, knot tying, a special kiddie section and the casting field were run with a precision unlike any I've ever seen.
These folks were here a couple hours before the event's official opening and you could see the excitement on their faces as nearly 300 kids were lining up at the registration tent. The most memorable quote I heard from among them was "We got this! Bring 'em on!"
The people you are about to see in this video don't simply hand a child a fishing rod and step back.
This is "mentoring" like you've never seen.

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

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These future stewards of the outdoors need to be coddled and mentored or we won't have any stewards of the outdoors.
The STK motto of "Take It Outside!" is appropriate in so many ways in this day of video games and hand-held devices.So many people come up to me at this event and say "I can't believe you guys do all of this for free! We'd pay just to be here!"
It's not free in any sense of the word. This is why organizations raise money the rest of the year... to promote a great cause!

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