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Flies to try

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have you fished those foam Dahlberg diver heads yet? I tried them a few years back and found they floated too high for me, I couldn't get them down in the water column at all, unlike spun deer hair as above that once it gets soaked it will sink a foot or so. But then maybe you're looking for true floaters, anyway, interested to get your take on them.

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Swingin D's


Original are the ones with the foam heads. I also make them with a stacked/trimmed dear hair head.






The ones with the foam heads will get down a little with an intermediate sinking line like the Rio Streamer Tip. Also, if you want it down a little more, then the 200 grain SA Mastery wet tip express gets it down better. According to Mike Schultz, who came up with the swingin D, you want it high in the water column. Cast it downstream and use the current to activate the fly. I have just started making them and testing them in the water................really don't have a verdict yet on how great the fly is. I do like its size and ease in casting(using a 7 weight). My wonder is could you use the fly as a topwater and a subsurface presentation by just varying the type of line you throw it on? Might be a great floater/diver fly on a floating line??? Excited to find out..........

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