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Spy Baiting Technique

Jim Wright

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The new In-Fisherman has an article in it on pause presentations with stick baits. It mentioned "spy baiting" in this article. I am unfamiliar with this technique, so I looked it up and found many articles pertaining to it.

It is described as an "ultra-finesse" technique developed by bass anglers in Japan who fish highly pressured waters. Light line,long casts and a slow, slow, slow, retrieve are the mechanics. The bait being a weighted stick bait with small props. Highly effective in clear water.

These are just 2 articles which can get you started...




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Guest rich mc

stopped by lees bait shop and they had some small catalogs on spybaiting, the baits and tactics never heard of it till your post, now I have reading to do tonight rich

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I fished a bit at a small lake down state while visiting relatives. I used the fly rod. I noticed the action of the deceiver fly I used had a very similar action as the spybait in the video. Of course no spinners. I did have success, albeit they were all dinky largemouths with a couple pike to make things interesting.

Mark, I don't know why the vid had no sound. ??

You could dial it up directly on YouTube.

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