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Tight rope Jigs

k olson

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I happened to catch Frank Hyla's fishing program the other day, I believe it is called "Time on the Water", he was filming a show on a lake just south of Madison. They were targeting smallmouth. The guys the host was fishing with, called themselves

"The Cast Crew", they are catch & release group who mainly fish the Chicago lake front & harbors. They have their own line of jigs called "Tight rope". I looked them up online, they seem pretty sweet. Has anybody else heard of them or used them.? Since they are filming tv shows, I wonder if an affiliation with ISA would help our cause ?


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I purchased several last year to try for a specific application. Have not used them yet... as it was late in the year that I got them. Very nice quality jig, smaller yet solid hook, hand tied, great colors! Part of the sell is the smaller hook for finesse yet good sticking ability. Boy I sound like a commercial...


Other fishers on other sites seem to like them. Only change I would make is the additition of a light wire bait keeper. Do I need a jig like this? Will I get more? All depends on whether or not I believe they give me an advantage on the water. No matter what they seem to be a quality built item.

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