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The latest Bronzeback Bulletin


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Just got mine in the mail today, and all I can say is..WOW! Scott...you outdid yourself! Awfully impressive for a club newsletter!

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It would be great if the newsletter came this far south!


It still haven't seen one, except the backdated ones Jim J. has sent.


Am I missing something?

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Guest Don R

That depends on how old your back dated issues are ;) They've come a long way since the first issue. Scott F highlights this and other interesting facts about the ISA's progress in this latest issue.


Always a good read and always improving.

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Pm me your address again and I'll get you out some issues. If you can tell me the last one you got, that would be good.


Since it's out every other month, look for it and let me know if you have not received it.

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