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Jonn Graham

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The first small picture is a picture of all three types of jigs we make:




Top row - Feather Fall jigs (1/4 oz.)


Middle row - Ouchigan Special 1/8 and 1/4 oz.


Bottom row - The Papoose (float n fly jig)


The second picture is, once again, a photo of the Ochigan Special rigged with a CB Lures trailer. This is a finesse flippin' jig made for smallies. 1/8 and 1/4 oz built on a 2/0 Owner hook.




The third photo is a close up of our Feather Fall Jigs. These jigs are hand tied with bucktail underneath and Starflash Silicone skirting on the outside. Great, somewhat bulky, jig that falls slowly to the bottom. We can make these in just about any size and color. This is the jig that Tim Smith has been catching smallies on of late and I have caught numerous big smallies on this particular bait.




The fourth picture is the Feather Fall jigs rigged with an appropriate trailer. Right now CB Lures is making the little trailers I prefer.




If you have any questions or wish to order, you can reply here, or email me at grahamj@district87.org

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Jonn, could you bring 4 of whatever design you think would work best for pre-spawn monster smallies?


That chartruese warrior jig with a football head from last year landed my single biggest smallmouth ever last year. I'm going back for more!


I'll be fishing current breaks in clear water around 50 degrees with heavy cobble. Bottom bouncing did the trick before.

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There was a bit of deer hair in it, yes. The forward facing rubber stips made a little snapping, collapsing motion when it was twitched forward, similar to a crayfish.


I seemed to do best with chartruse and black, but they all caught fish.


Just bring what you think will work best. I trust you.

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I have four perfect, crawfish imitating colors for you. I will have them at the blowout. I would prefer you not give me the money at the blowout, but rather send me a check either before or after the blowout. I do not want to use the blowout as a "selling ground" for my jigs. The cost is $12 for the jigs and $3 for shipping.......so $15 total. Make check payable to me and send to:



Jonn Graham

2385 E Pattonsburg Rd

Minonk, IL 61760


thanks for your order

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Jonn, with as much interest as there is in your jigs.... you could always donate a portion of your proceeds to the ISA! ;):lol:


Seriously.... I applaud your reverance in not taking away from the cause. Not many would even think twice about making a few bucks for themselves these days. And no, I'm not pointing fingers at anyone, just making a very general social statement.

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For the Fox with its stained water, I would choose the following four patterns:


Threadfin Shad (White/silver and just a little yellow)

Nuclear Frog (bright green and white)

Bull Gill (Black, purple, blue, and orange)

Clown (Red, chartreuse, silver)


These are only my opinions. YOu can order any color you wish. Please respond to this reply and let me know.






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Warrior is the name of our little company - Warrior Jigs.



Scout is the name for the swim jigs that I make.


Best colors have been Silver Shad, Threadfin Shad, and Bull Gill for me. Many anglers are ordering a few light colored ones and a few dark colored ones. If you stick with that theory, I think you will be alright.

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Nice picture ERic. Couple of things............anyone looking at this jig may notice that it does not have a weedguard. Just an FYI, I made Eric's jigs without a weedguard as that is what he prefers. Weedguards are standard on every jig unless asked to not install them. I prefer the use of the weedguard as it is only a soft, 12 fiber guard.


In addition, the use of tinsel with the silicone skirt material is a "custom design" that I have done for a few of my jig clients. Jigs with tinsel cost just a little more.


Third, just to be straight and honest, the hook is not an Owner, but a Mustad Ultra Point (5/0). The Mustad hook is plenty sharp as anyone will tell you. Owner does not make a swim jig hook yet.


If anyone has any other questions, leave them here or PM me.

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