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stock up at the Tinley Park show

Jonn Graham

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I will have a booth at the Tinley Park show. I will have information concerning my 2015 Camp Smallmouth River Guiding Service along with over 200 swim jigs:
















$4 each or a dozen for $44. If you get there early, I will have Big Hammer trailers to go along with the jigs that you buy at no charge (while supplies last)


I will also have a limited number of float n fly jigs for sale - $2.50


Lastly, I will have a few select muskie flies that I have been working on the past few months. I know there are not too many musky on the fly guys here in the club, but if you have thought about starting your quest for the muskie, then I will have a few choice flies to get you started:






Prices for flies will be model dependent. Just stop by the booth and have a chat. Looking forward to seeing some new and old faces.................

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yes I do. Starting from the top:


Bucketmouth Delight


Super Shad

Suntan Craw

AP gill



three basic sizes are 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2. We do have the capabilities of also making an 1/8 and 3/16 oz models, though I would not suggest those smaller sizes when fishing in current as the lighter weighted models are harder to keep down in the current.

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I like the head shape, skirt and hook size on this one. It's what I'd normally use on the Fox with a Big Hammer Tail or Strike King Shadalicious. Would trim the skirt about 1/3 off for more tail waggle.





That's my favorite too. 3/8 oz has been the best all around size for me. Trim the skirt a little bit and it is good to go.

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