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Jonn Graham

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I have been off all week on spring break. What a spring break from hell!!! It won't stop raining. All of my streams are high and muddy. Been off all week and all I have to show is one small smallmouth from a trib off of the Rock River.



Someone, please MAKE IT STOP RAINING!! My health is at stake!

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I feel your pain. I looked at my river this morning and finally see signs of a sandbar! There's hope! (As long as we don't get any of the thunderstorms they're talking about. :angry: )


It's gotten so bad that, hard as it is to admit, I've been chasing greenies at a pond. Does that endanger my ISA membership?

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Couldnt agree with you guys more. Except make mine "scotch & rocks"


I did get my first outing on the upper Kaskaskia last Sunday, beautiful day, water was rising all day not even a nibble.


I did find some good access points and if I find fish this summer I will let you know.

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I feel for you on this one.


I a wound/sore on my ankle and not allowed to contact water for 10-14 days.


The rains have stopped and several streams look great! I said look!!!


That hurts worse than the ankle!!!



Just think? April showers are next!

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