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Guide Trip on St Joe River Sunday, 7/20


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My Spring Steelhead trip was cancelled due to flooding, and got rolled over to a late spring trout trip. That was cancelled due to flooding. Now booked to fish for smallies this coming Sun, but partner cancelled. Going with Ripple Guide service (can check out the website). I live in Batavia, if some one would be interested in sharing trip, please drop a line.

Oh-Fly rod trip, guide supplies flies but can bring your own. Catch and Release only of course

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I love fishing with Dustan (owner of Ripple Guides). Sorry, I can't make this Sunday. I'm scheduled to fish with him on 8/13. It's mid-week but if you want to join me you are welcome to. I hope you have a great outing.

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Thank you Greg, although at this moment probably can't get off on 8/13. Also new to Batavia, and always interested in exploring the Fox River with some one. I have a 15 ft canoe available. Drop me a e-mail if ever interested in trying local. FSfeinberg@aol.com



Hope to go with Dustan again in fall for steelhead

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