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Need help planning a trip


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Its been quite some time since i have been on this site. It sure feels good to be back. I probably wouldn't have come back when i did if it wasn't for my desire to go on a solo canoe camping trip. i figured this group would know best since the mighty smallmouth is what i want to stay busy catching.

With that said, i have narrowed down my destination to one river with many options. Except this river is mighty long and has so many sections, i couldn't possibly make up my mind.


Can anyone provide input as to which stretch a guy and his canoe can find a place to set up camp and manage to stay busy catching smallmouth either in the canoe or wading with wading a strong desire? I am an experienced paddler for both raging rivers with a kayak to calm BWCA lakes in a canoe. I've been on two previous solo canoe camping trips. Once off the gunflint trail in thw BWCA and once on the turtle flowage in northern WI. Although i enjoyed my whitewater funboat days, in my later years, i prefer to keep it simple,safe, and silent. So i crossed out Piers gorge and anything with class 2 or worse rapids and prefer avoiding crowded put ins with too many motor boats. And well, the camping part i am looking for simple and primative. As far as fishing goes, i plan to bring a full artillery of bait casting, spin casting and my trusty 4,5 and 8wt fly rods.

I will be paddling a 16ft tandem roylex canoe (sitting in the front seat facing back to even the boat) that i am more than comfortable in.

I am either bringing my bug shielded hammock or a small bivy tent.

If a section also has options of wading up tributaries for bonus trout, even better.

My trip date range is sometime in August possibly around the 12th or right around.


If you wish to share but would rather keep it private, please feel free to mesage me.

Thanks for all of you input


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Manny, I have canoed ( and fished ) much of the Menominee. send me a PM or call me 773-505-2469

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