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Redington RedFly2 7'6" 4wt Fly Rod (2pc)

Tim A

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I've got a lightly used Redington Red Fly2 7'6" fly rod, 4-weight, 2-piece with tube and lifetime warranty. It's a sweet little, light, fast action fly rod that is perfect for summer in the Driftless or on your neighborhood pond. I'm just trying to thin the herd a little. I wish I could keep it!


$75 local meetup in Chicago or Chicagoland suburbs. If you want it shipped, add $8 (it's a 2-piece).




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Will do, if I still have the rod by then. I agree that testing before buying is a good idea. This one's a fun little toy for sure, just have to match with th right line. I'm working on getting some new stuff from Orvis to show you guys at the event.



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