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Bamboo Rod

Pat M

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I was cleaning up my rods and tackle today and came upon a rod that was my grandfather's. The trade mark on the rod is D E inside a diamond shape with an arrow across the D & E. Grandpa died in 1949 which was before I was born. The rod has its own case, a wood cylinder that the rod sections are fitted into and strapped into. The rod is 9 ft long has two tips with the only line guides being at the end of each tip. The two tips was common for rods back in the 30's and 40's. The rod needs to be refurbished. Is there any place in the Chicago area that does this type of work?

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It sounds like you have a family heirloom there. I would go slow on any repairs or refinishing since old items are frequently more valuable with their original finish and hardware no matter how bad it is. I know this by sad experience after I messed up an old clock by refinishing it. A collector should be able to tell you what you have. It could have been built by a master and sold by Abercrombies, or it could have been mass produced for Sears. Either way it is a family treasure that I would keep to pass along. I am not sure I would use it since, not knowing how it was cared for, it may have become brittle over time. The tips without guides are curious. Can you show us some pictures of it?

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Really don't know what you have w/o a picture, but the wooden form fit case is a relic of the 1920's....does it have flip ring guides? Lots of those were replaced with snakes when they came around. Take some good pics of the reel seat, winding check, guides and ferrulles..Have a few reference books laying around. Probably not much value...most likely a wall hanger.

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