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Ryan Kral

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Hey guys. I won't bore you with my fishing report after Tim's awesome write up, but do want to give some props to our guide service. I know I have mentioned them before, but "Hayward Fly Fishing Company" is a real class act fly shop and group of guides. Larry and Wendy who own the shop love to talk fishing with others passionate about musky and smallies on the fly. I have used the same guide twice, Cory, and he is a great rower and all around nice guy, they all are. Although we are yet to land a musky with them, we have moved and hooked more in my two outings then all my attempts on the big waters combined. Cory's best day yet as a guide, was in June, when his clients caught a total of 40 something smallies, 3 musky, and a pike in an 8 hour float. And that's legitimate, as it was recorded for a DNR study the guides were helping out on. They all love the fall rush for musky, but his favorite thing is guiding clients for smallies in the summer months. Just thought I would throw this out there, they are well worth the cost. Even getting skunked isn't horrible when you float 8 hours through protected land without seeing a single building, human or bridge! Ryan

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I have talked to Cory before at a fishing show and was impressed by him. I have his card and he is on my list of guides I would like to fish with.

Give him a buzz, he's a great guy. And hes got a bad @$$ new drift boat(Stealthcraft 16' Superfly) just about a week ago! We plan on heading back up there again in June, and for sure will use Cory again. Ryan

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