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Here Comes the Bride of Frankenstein

Mike G

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I always thought that Craig Riendieu should have called the fodder Frankenstein since in combines parts from many flies and lures. Now I have my chance with the Bride of Frankenstein inspired by the Fodder and adding parts from other flies. The Fish Skull Skeleton Segments challenged me two ways, first to avoid the high cost by making them myself, second to use them to create longer bigger flies. Getting length while avoiding the leverage of a long shank hook is a perennial tyer’s bugbear. All these are 5-6 inches long.


Though I made fun of the Banjo Fly in the beginning, I began to see what it had to offer in action. Before I knew it, I had the bride of Frankenstein and the rest of the bridal party inspired by our ISA tyers. I will try to give the mentors proper credit.

Here they are in order as they march in for the ceremony.




Second Bridesmaid, Shannon 16. She is not a minnow anymore. This is a grown up edition of rich’s classic using the sparkly stuff that Terry first showed me and of course rich’s signature Bohemian Chenille.




First Bridesmaid, Tom’s Thumbelina. If one iFly is good, a series of them has got to be better. The cross-cut fake fur used for the head is also an idea that came from Tom though the color comes from the way kids dye their hair these days.


Maid of Honor, Lefty’s Fake Bunny Deciever. I combined Lefty’s style of bundling saddle hackle with my Fake Double Bunny.



Bride of Frankenstein, she’s a Fodder with a long train, blue garter, and a cross-cut fake fur collar. Craig’s ringer treatment for eyes assures he gets credit. Of course, he’s the grandfather.



The girls were very formal in the church procession.


But they proved they could shake later at the reception.

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