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Other river residents

Tim Negronida

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Here are some photos of other river neighbors to our beloved smallies.


Came across this little lady on a path along the Dupage, I assume laying here eggs.



I saw more water snakes last year than I had the previous three.



It was hard getting a photo of this mink, they’re constantly on the move. I watched him for a good fifteen minutes as he caught several small fish. He wood disappear into the roots, I assume to eat his catch and then pop up to jump into the water again.



Love to see some other photos!

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Those are great Tim. I have seen Mink up on Mill Creek and they are something to watch. The Snakes I am not to fond of but taolerate them. Now down here I stay in the boat most of the time as the Copperheads and Cotton Mouths are around. Glade you posted those pic's for us all to see.

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No pics, but in the last week of roaming the banks of the Dup I've seen numerous Muskrats, a Kingfisher, either a beaver, otter or mink on the opposite bank (too far away to see with my bad eyes), and I also came across a Coyote on the path leading to the river! B)

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Great pictures! Nice to see that an angler is looking at the greater picture to the stream ecosystem. I have many photos of the surroundings and inhabitants of the waters I visit.



About those cottonmouths! I hope they aren't the kind that like to get in the boat and have a close-up meeting. Darn glad its just the copperheads, black snakes and rare Muskogee rattler in this area.

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