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Tenkara - Part Deux

Mike G

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I see another economically priced alternative rod. B'n'M makes a graphite version of their Bream Little Jewel in 10, 11, and 12 feet. It is available from many sources including Amazon. I have seen prices from $25 - 40; shop around. It is not as compact as the Como; the Jewel 12' model has 4 segments compared to the Como's 7. It does have an EVA grip. I have not tried it, but it costs less than a carton of smokes like the Como. Reward yourself for quitting.

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You are not going to get smart about Tenkara reading me on Tenkara. Of the ones I have found, I like the Tenkara Bum

website the best. http://www.tenkarabum.com/


It is well written with a limited amount of romanticizing about the Japanese mountain men. After all till recently, a big old fish basket was a standard part of the Tenkara man's outfit. (Good news. Today they carry a humane C&R net.) I still have to smile when I see the economical starter outfit priced at $175. I just showed you one that costs $35. If you appreciate oxymorons you will appreciate that the site sells only genuine Tenkara flies tied in America.



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