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Door County area?

Ryan Kral

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Anybody fish the big lake from the shores at all? I have read a lot about how good the smallmouth fishing is along the rocky shores/flats of sturgeon bay and other areas on the door county peninsula. Thinking of heading up there in the next few days. Any info? Thanks, Ryan

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May and June are the prime months for the smallmouth to be in shallow water up there.While it is still possible to find some up shallow it is getting a bit late for that.

You can P M me if you want to know something more specific about Door county.



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Back when I was up there doing research I would sometimes wade after them with a swimsuit on. Only worked if I got out waist-deep or deeper and had something I could throw a long way, like a bigger Rapala broken minnow. That water is awfully clear most days. And yes, as Ed notes, this was in June. The times I took the canoe out worked out a lot better. There were days when I couldn't miss with a funky white and pink jig that looked like something out of Japanese anime.


Door County is crawling with tourists but they are concentrated in the towns. Bring your own food or prepare to shell out major bucks!

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