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Sunday Dale Bowman article about Des Plaines smallmouth

Dick G

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There is a very interesting article in today's Sun Times about the removal of the Hoffman Dam and the subsequent placing of broodstock smallmouth in the Des Plaines River. Put in last October, months after the dam was removed, tagged smallmouth have been caught 15 miles north of the old dam and as far south as Willow Springs. The article has a nice picture of ISA friends Steve Pescitelli and Bob Rung with one of the tagged fish being released into the river at Lyons. Channel catfish have also made similar moves.

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Saw an 18 " SMB taken on the DesPlaines up in the Wheeling area last weekend. When I informed the guy that it was illegal to keep Smallmouth From April 1st to June 15th he basically told me what I could do with myself. Said he was going to take it home and eat it. Given the questionable water quality in the DP I hope he gets sick on it.


I had heard reports of smallies being caught in that stretch of river but this was the first one I witnessed.

there are a surprisingly good number of those other bass in the river.


Mike D

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I fish the DP at rt 6 and Harlem, Stony Creek forest preserve, have caught a few but no pattern, do you know what they were using?

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