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Fly fishing in Indonesia


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While visiting family in Indonesia last week, I toured the port area of Semarang, located on the Java Sea, in Central Java. While driving along I spotted a man in the water, fly fishing. We got out and watched him for a while. He didn't catch anything while we watched.




After a while he came to shore, and with the aid of my daughter-in-law as an interpretor, I spoke to him. He showed me his rod and reel, a 5wt Ross rod with an Orvis reel, and the fly he was using, a small white fly that probably was intended as a shrimp imitation. He pulled out a fly box and showed me the flies he had. They all looked pretty good, made by someone who knew what they were doing.






He told us he tied his flies, having learned how to do it on Youtube, and that he bought his rod and reel on eBay. I had an ISA hat with me and showed it to him.(he thought it was trout on the hat, not bass) He was wearing a shirt with the logo of an International fly-fishing organization. Like most fly fishermen, he was open, friendly, and willing to talk about his sport. I think if I'd asked, he probably would have let me have a go at it with his rod. I didn't. He told us, I think, that either he was fishing for, or had caught at this site, barracuda. He also said he fished in the mountains, about 2 hours away, in smaller streams.

Small world!

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