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DuPage River Breakfast and Outing!

Gary L

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I am coming to town on March 23 and would like to hook up with as many of my friends as possible that want to have a nice Breakfast and then fish the DuPage River on March 24, 2007, Saturday Morning. I don't know what the weather will be like but we can play it by ear and see what happens. If nothing else we can have Breakfast and a good BS'n session and tell each other as many lies as we can remember.


I think if we met at Baba's Restaurant at about 6:00am or so for Breakfast and then head to the river for some fishing it would be real nice. I hope some if not all of you can make it. I am looking forward to renewing old friendships and making new ones so even if you don't know me come on out anyway and enjoy the Socialization side of the Illinois Smallmouth Alliance. Just as an introduction I was the Chicagoland Regional Coordinator for a few years before I retired and moved to Missouri. Come on out to Baba's and have a good Breakfast, good Conversation, and hopefully we can get into some great fishing on the DuPage River.


Baba's at Route 52 and 59 in Shorewood, Il. 6:00am March 24th Saturday for Breakfast!

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Guest Don R

Saturday: Showers in the morning will become a steadier rain in the afternoon with a rumble of thunder possible. High 61F. Winds NE at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 80%. Rainfall around a quarter of an inch.


The rivers in this area are all high and muddy. If we plan on fishing after breakfast I would suggest one of three options.


Fish shoreline eddies.

Fish tribs.

Fish ponds.


Bring your rain gear!

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Guest Don R

Great to see eight smallie hunters out for breakfast this morning ;) Gary L, Scott F, Mike C, Ed L, Michael T, Jim K, Norm M and I had a good time roasting each other while chowing down on a good meal.


Michael T broke away from the motley crew to do some pond fishing. Hopefully he had better luck then we did.


Ed L picked up this 14" smallie on a chartreuse twister tail.



And the rest of us just practiced casting :)

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I swung by a favorite pond to see what the conditions were like and to cast the lightweight fly rod. However, I stayed longer than I thought and landed 5 largemouthes on various minnow patterns. It's a good thing these fish didn't care how atrocious my casting stroke was.


Nice going Ed!




Michael-the tailing loop guru-Taylor :angry:

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Well I finally got back home after a week in Illinois. It was sure great to see all of you come out and have Breakfast with me and do a little fishing. Even if we didn't do well it was still fun and I enjoyed every minute of it. I hope we get to do it agian the next time I come in town. Thanks for coming out and making my day.

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