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This Sunday, Central IL Fly Tie / discussion of summer outings

Rob G

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A little reminder about this Sunday: Also we will be discussing what upcoming events and dates we would like to organize for this summer. So please consider attending even if you are not into fly tying so that you can offer your thoughts on our summer line up of central Illinois fish outings.



March 17, Sunday...(1-4 PM)... Tim B. will be demonstrating how to tie up your own furled leaders and other "stuff" Maybe even tie up some green or Irish flies :) As always, should make for a great time.

Contact Rob G. for further information

Bloomington, IL Fire Station #2

1911 E. Hamilton Rd.
Bloomington, IL 61704

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Just wanted to give a big thanks to Tim B for his fine effort in bringing over his homemade full size jig which was used to create several furled leaders. All 9 of us that attended had a great time and it's always the fastest 3 hours of the month when we get together and start swapping stories, favorite fishing spots, and our favorite flies and baits.


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